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He has written three books namely: Global Mania (Eng.Prose); The Xenophobic (Eng.Poetry); Shamajalti-rahey (Urdu Dramas/Poetry).He has also written Countless articles about social and educational problems, published in various sindhi dailies. As Journalist, he has worked for three years. He has been recognized as the one of the best Debaters and has received several awards, particularly from Vice Chancellor Sindh University, NCC Commanding officer, Officer Incharge Pakistan American Cultural Center (PACC). , More

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Raheel Laghari has been awarded, a gold medal by Air marshal retired Zulfiqar Ali Khan. He has been interviewed by Radio Pakistan (hyd) ,GEO TV and is very much hardworking and creative as well.After serving as commissioned Sub-Inspector in police department for 9 years ,after passing an other commission exam ,he joined Livestock Deparment ,Govt of sindh as Veterinary Officer (BPS 17) through proper channel
Dr.R.Laghari (BA,BSIT,DVM,MA) (Creator)
Raheel Laghari

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